Accelerating the next generation of innovation within the Insurtech, Mobility, and Risk-adjacent sectors.

Resources for Innovation

Avanta Studios offers a customized approach to helping startups reach their milestones and growth. The Avanta Studios program enables startups to partner with Avanta Ventures and CSAA Insurance Group to jointly explore new markets, business models, and technologies. By joining the Avanta Studios community, you will gain valuable insights through direct access to well-established relationships within the Insurance and Mobility ecosystems.

Who Should Apply

If you’re innovating in any of the below sectors, you should apply.


Leveraging disruptive technologies to create customer-centric insurance solutions

Key Areas:

Alternative Distribution


Big Data & Applied AI

Straight Through Underwriting

New Insurance Products

Claims Enhancement & Automation

Embedded Insurance


Key Areas:

Vehicle Data Platforms

Logistics and Fleet Management

Supply Chain Technologies

New Ownership and Purchasing Models

Autonomy and Electrification Solutions

Smart City Systems and Applications


Key Areas:


Applied AI and AI Solutions


IoT - Connected Home



Leveraging disruptive technologies to create customer-centric insurance solutions



What We Offer

Customized Growth

As a rolling program, we offer a highly customized community of quality founders and mentors to help you scale your company. We will work with each team to set milestones and keep you accountable on your top priorities for growth. Avanta Studios hosts monthly expert office hours, team standups, and seminars that are built to address your specific challenges and needs.

Data Sandbox (Coming Soon)

Avanta Studios provides access to our anonymized insurance data sandbox to startups accepted into the program. This highly proprietary data can be used to train AI-models in the Insurtech space. There are currently no other programs offering this amount and type of data for the insurance industry.

Investor Showcase

We are committed to supporting each Avanta Studios team with their fundraising strategy. Our goal is to help elevate your startup to be eligible for funding, both externally from leading venture capitalists and internally from Avanta Ventures. We host bi-annual Investor Showcases where teams who have been in the program for at least 3 months can pitch to carefully curated groups of Angels and VCs. We will also make 1:1 introductions to relevant investors that are part of our ecosystem to help establish relationships for fundraising purposes.

Mentorship & Community

Avanta Studios has developed a customized network of industry and domain experts to help your startup thrive. We will match you with mentors with expertise in your specific pain points and can assist you with growth strategies. Form lasting bonds and networks by joining an exclusive community of exceptional founders who understand your industry requirements.

Office Space & Resources

Get access to modern workspace, professional meeting rooms, and a state-of-the-art event facility in the heart of Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA). You will also gain access to discounts and benefits through our network of technology and service partners.

*Given the current global response in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, the Avanta Ventures office is closed and all Studios programming will be conducted virtually until it is otherwise safe to reopen. Once shelter in place restrictions have been lifted, and in accordance with CSAA IG corporate guidelines, the office will be accessible once again for use by Studios Companies.

How It Works


We want to partner with early stage startups in the Insurtech, Mobility, and Risk-Adjacent sectors. Your startup should be US-based and will ideally be at the pre-seed stage of funding. We are looking for founders who are working full time on their startup. Avanta Studios is a rolling admissions program, so you can apply at any time!

Studios Programming

A core component of the Avanta Studios program is to set you up with strategic milestones that are geared to support your growth, keep you accountable, and help you stay focused. You will get exclusive access to our mentor network through programming such as 1:1 Expert Office Hours, Studios Standups with other Studios teams, Studios Seminars with experts and mentors, as well as community-based social events.

End of Program

Each team may stay in the program for a period of 3-12 months, based on your goals and milestones accomplished throughout the program. Our goal is to get each team to their seed round of funding, at which point we graduate you to Avanta Studios Alumni status. As an alumnus of the program, you remain part of our community and receive continued 1:1 support as needed. We are here to build partnerships with you for the long run!

Studios Mentors

Studios Companies


Fridgio is a SaaS marketplace connecting shippers to refrigerated logistics on-demand

Focus Area:


Gigaforce is a patent-pending SaaS-based platform designed to expedite complex Subrogation and Recovery claims processing in the insurance industry.

Focus Area:


MotorDNA’s analytics-ready platform includes the most comprehensive repository of original vehicle build specifications along with a Vehicle IQ ® Score as a measure of the relative intelligence built into each unit.

Focus Area:


Otonomi is a blockchain-enabled parametric MGA platform that transforms cargo insurance policies into fast, cost-effective, and transparent digital products

Focus Area:


Staax is a social investment payments platform, which makes building wealth via investing in shares of stock as easy as receiving payment

Focus Area:


Studios Alumni

Are you a startup with an innovative product in Insurtech, Mobility or Insurance-Adjacent markets? We want to help you grow.

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