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Insights into automation in our current environment and beyond

Multiple systems. One seamless workflow. Teamwork for robots.
Published on Aug 4, 2020
automation and beyond

Robots, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the way we live and work. Avanta Studios company, Above Robotics, simplifies operations and reduces cost by coordinating multiple separate robots into a single, seamless workflow.

Helping factories and ports move toward autonomy, Above Robotics connects multiple intelligent systems to simplify complex workflows, deliver intelligent solutions, and become cohesive.

We recently spoke with Austin Burch, Chairman & CEO of Above Robotics, about how their platform seamlessly integrates autonomous systems, their unique approach to the industry, and their experience with Avanta Ventures Studios.

Tell us about Above Robotics.

To ensure continuity and robustness of the supply chain, industries from ports to manufacturing are looking to adopt autonomous systems. These complex environments required a diversity of equipment from a variety of manufacturers. To make this transformation they need to be able to 1) continue to operate manned systems and 2) will require a solution that can orchestrate, route, and integrate all these systems.

Above Robotics’ cloud software allows companies to adopt and integrate autonomous trucks, cars, forklifts, robots, and IoT devices such as gates into cohesive workflows. Above also allows for routing manned vehicles in the most efficient way using our Move mobile app. Above provides a single pane of glass to plan, execute, and operate the movement of all manned and autonomous systems in our core industries.

We deliver an end-to-end solution as an orchestration layer that unites dynamically changing business processes such as requesting, routing, or scheduling. Think of our solution as something that connects different people with various skill sets.

How is your approach unique to the industry?

The developers of many cars, trucks, drones, and robots are building autonomous operations into their platforms. However, their customers are challenged to integrate disparate systems into their environment. Customers want one “pane of glass” to plan, control, and oversee their operations with these systems. Above Robotics provides that single interface.

How do you impact your customers’ lives?

Our goal is to fulfill the promise of robotics and autonomous vehicles to ensure the safety, efficiency, and continuity of operation for our customers who supply the world with their products and services.

Let’s take markets such as ports, airports, manufacturing, and logistics as an example. All of these industries have a variety of transportation mechanisms they use in their day-to-day operations — traditional trucks, pickup trucks, forklifts, and other traditionally manually operated systems — all of which need to be deployed and managed.

These operations are complex and dangerous. As COVID-19 continues to affect our world, the ability to get products from one place to another is risked in a time when people cannot show up to work. There is also an interest and a need to automate systems and tasks because companies all over the world must provide continuity of supply and reduce risk.

What’s the market size and opportunity for your company?

When autonomous systems are the norm across all different industries, the potential for Above Robotics is endless. In the near term and with the specific markets Above Robotics is addressing, the market is estimated to be approximately $20 billion.

What current insurance technology trends have an impact on your business?

The insurance industry is evaluating how personal autonomous vehicles will impact their business. However, traditional road vehicles are a mainstay of commercial fleet operations. This represents a significant opportunity for insurers. Outside of auto insurance, workplace risk is a large challenge where autonomous systems can potentially reduce exposure.

How has partnering with Avanta Ventures and CSAA Insurance Group impacted your business growth and go-to market strategies?

Avanta Ventures and CSAA will provide a great amount of data and access to resources that will be vital to our ability to scale rapidly. While we are very new to Avanta Ventures, we have already been introduced to a variety of investors and being selected into the Studio program has been a very strong endorsement of what Above Robotics is creating.

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